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About The Sun Crossword

The Sun Crosswords, one of the most popular crosswords of the world, are featured in The Sun, which is a popular daily in Britain. The difficulty levels of all The Sun Crosswords are different. The Sun Crossword answers can be solved both online and in the print edition. There 6 types of crosswords available online. Any user can pick one according to their likes. All of these puzzles are quite interesting:

  1. Word search

To play this, first find the words that are listed on the grid. To do that, you can just drag your finger from the first letter of the word to the last letter of the word.

  1. Mini crosswords

To play this, fill the answers of the clues on the bottom of your screen. To reveal the clues, just tap on either the right-left arrows or the squares. To view the clues in the form of a list, click on the list button. For checking the sun crossword answers you can also  right-click on Check button.

  1. Word slide

To create a full crossword, slide the letters back on the grid. You can also slide one word over the other, given that they have to stay as they were in their original row or column. For checking your progress, you can click on the Check button.

  1. Cell blocks

To play this puzzle, you have to create the right number of cells in the grid. To make a block, place one finger on any cell and slide for selecting it. In case you make a mistake, you can just undo it by tapping. It’s important to note that the blocks must be either squares or rectangles and that you have completed the puzzle when all the blocks get fitted.

  1. Sundial crosswords

To play the Sundial Crossword, you have to use just one central letter to make all the words. You should try to make as many words as you can by using the central letter. The rules of this puzzle are that all the words need to be four lettered, at least. You cannot do proper nouns or plurals and the words you make must be in Collins Concise Dictionary. To check your progress, you can hit the progress button. Here’s an easy tip for you –double tap on the last letter and enter any word quickly.

  1. 2-speed crosswords

2-speed crosswords contain a lot of unique puzzles. In all, 160 puzzles are there and they all have quick as well as cryptic clues which makes it interesting to solve. One thing to know here is that both the clues take you to one answer. So basically, you can choose to either solve them right away or take you own time to do it. The fun part about these puzzles is that one doesn’t need any kind of topical knowledge to be able to solve them. They are meant for anyone who loves crosswords and is looking for a little change in their single paced lives. It’s very easy to solve them online. There are tabs on the top for clue types and you can flick from one to the other any time. If you feel stuck, just click on the pencil button, which means you will come back there later – for this, tap the zoom button. Just like the other puzzles, click on List to view the clues in the form of a list and click Check to check your answers. Once you are done, you can just go to the top menu and then return to edition.

Crossword lovers of any age can play The Sun Crossword at their convenience on their iPads, phones, or laptops.

The Sun Crossword Authors: A lot of freelance constructors contribute to The Sun Crossword.

The Sun Crossword Answers

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